FUNDRAISING: We give back 10-15% (depending on the size of the event) to organizations looking to raise funds. This includes schools, clubs, churches, little leagues, non-profits, corporate charities and many more. However, there are costs associated to us to bring our truck to your event. Should the fundraising event yield poor attendance or sales less than $400, a forfeiture of funds raised may occur.

PRIVATE CATERING EVENTS: Minimum fees apply to all private catered events.

FLAVORS: We have over 70 different frozen yogurt flavors and 15 flavors of smoothies. Most of our frozen yogurt is non-fat and gluten free and we have many non-dairy sorbet flavors.

LARGE PRIVATE EVENTS: In an effort to serve large crowds quickly, we typically only serve frozen yogurt (and toppings) at private events. We can modify any menu to meet your needs however.

OUR LOCATION: We are located in San Jose, California and typically only service Santa Clara county.

OUR TRUCK: Our truck is very heavy and it does not like hills. We are unable to attend events where we are required to drive over steep hills from our San Jose location.

PERMITS & INSURANCE: We have a current health department permit, dairy license, vehicle registration, insurance and seller’s permit.